Jan Kincaid, the former drummer, songwriter, producer, and founder of the Brand New Heavies met Dawn Joseph, the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, when she started singing for the Heavies in 2013. 

Now they’ve formed their own band, MF Robots. 
The debut album "Music for Robots" is being launched at 229 in April.

 Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller present "Jazz On The Corner" Out Today!

When Acid Jazz founder Eddie Piller asked the actor Martin Freeman to do a jazz radio show they could hardly imagine the response. From around the world emails and tweets inundated the show and they swore to themselves that they couldn’t leave it there. 

Now, two years on this compilation of their favourite jazz has arrived. From the rolling hard bop of Lee Morgan and Art Blakey, via screaming soul organ, jazz funk original acid jazz onwards to the post modern spiritual jazz of Kasami Washington, this is an incredible journey.

Released today on double CD and Vinyl with deluxe gatefold packaging this is the album that launches Acid Jazz’s 30th Anniversary celebrations.


"They leave you breathless from bopping your head, and twisting your feet in harmony!" - Spill Magazine
Cantaloop"Slip It Back"
Worcester-based funk locomotive Cantaloop have been active producing vibrant hiphop-infused funk and soul since 2001, and with 3 albums under their belt, a tour alongside The Fun Lovin' Criminals andhaving shared stages with the likes of De La SoulTrevor NelsonRoy AyersDwele and The Blockheads,this band is now ready to take the next step in their musical journey.To do so Cantaloop have secured a number of new alliances for their most commercial single to date: new track "Slip It Back". The groupteamed up with producer Derek Garten and multiple Grammy award-winner Joe Palmaccio (who have worked with everyone from James Brown to Taylor Swift),to mix and master the single. Throw in The Haggis Horns for added oomph and you know something special is happening!


‘With The Tides’ ’ is the second single release from Southend based multi instrumentalist Chris Usselman who under the artist moniker USSELMAN has created a debut album filled with a rich alternative pop intensity - ‘All Fun And Games Until Everyone Goes Blind’ (Summer 2018). Written, arranged and produced by Usselman, mixed in London and Oslo by Kev Feazey and Nick Terry. Debut single ‘Tongue Tied’ (Dec 2017) received radio support from: Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music, the Producer Pick at BBC Essex Introducing, whilst various international stations including Radio Alpa (France) , Byte FM, Couch FM, (Germany )and US college radio also picked up on the debut single.   

Live : Blow Up at The Troubadour, London Sat 7th April (with Alfa 9)


 Loyalty Lies - Darron J Connett

‘Yes I’ve Seen It All Before’ declares DJC almost immediately (but not literally) just to set the scene, an inspired turn of phrase considering Darron’s rise to ‘d’ya know what, bollocks - I’ll do it myself’ so called fame!

He’s no fool and knows the importance of who/why and how you become the artist you want to be. It’s talent, listening, learning and progression.

He hasn’t stumbled across any of the brilliance on this album - he has slaved, worked himself senseless, lost confidence, gained confidence, torn his own heart out and nearly lost himself to arrive at this, his ACTUAL masterpiece!

I’ll just knock out any haters who may think I have a vested interest here - yes, I know DJC but ask him yourselves I’m a shit mate that likes nothing more than having a pop for a laugh. Ask my wife about the first time she witnessed us together - she thought we were enemies - take that and party (as you wish).

Thing with this album/beast is DJC is not only asking where your Loyalty Lies but showing where his does too! Therefore it’s a naked album but somehow completely smothered in layers - try writing an entire album like that then you too could align yourself with the likes of Weller, Ashcroft and the Gallagher’s (easy comparisons to make I know but he holds more in common than you’d think. Check out his back catalogue most notably with The Last Of The Troubadours and Black Noire).

He does however (in my often blinkered but always humble opinion) hold more in common with the 60’s vibe and songwriting capabilities off Bowie than any of the aforementioned!

Fans of 70’s and 80’s revivalism who were on a similar ‘mission’ and later but albeit musically in the 90’s got into the more informed and rational melodic beauty that Ocean Colour Scene managed seem to think DJC is theirs! 


He’s only just beginning....

I’ve waited till now to drop this word so here it is, DJC is a mod! A proper mod! 

Not stuck in the past but appreciative of it and progressing the movement!

Back to the point which is the album:

Solid opening track which speaks for itself followed by ‘How Dare You’, an annoyed artist rant - it’s the right of the writer, and delivered with gusto, style and accomplishment to all the haters, slaters and know all’s. Musically it’s a little bit of a nod to a lot of great tunes but prewarns you no fillers and no half arsed production is in store! 

Here’s the tune that makes you stop ‘Falling’! Almost digital but working -see Ashcrofts last masterpiece and remember it took a while to accept, not this track! Progression is modernism! Five Stars DJC!

I’ve nothing to say about ‘As Long As There Is Love’ because I believe that is a song that no-one should sully by giving away any spoiler alerts - it’s a masterpiece!

‘Red Baloon’ and ‘The Universal Merge’ are why I chose to get involved and show where my Loyalty Lies along with so many others - they are the songs I knew were in there and needed nurturing into realism! They are however better than I ever imagined although Billy Bragg is owed a pint or two for the riff on ‘Baloon’  - that aside, absolute perfect examples of Darron’s lyrical/poetic  ability! 

‘The Antedote’ is a fantastical whimsy in my ears of the kind of song our grandchildren will listen to and love like we do the likes of Kinks songs now! Some brilliant observational humour involved and genuine heartache to a soundscape to be proud of. The musicians on this album give their all and it shows.

Next up is where I go wrong ‘Hours of My Life’ is the best song I’ve heard in a very long time! Haunts me like a Beatles song the first time you hear it -I feel I’ve always known this song, it’s one of those! The backing vocals are my thoughts and the guitar the blood rushing through my veins! Almost, just almost Strawberry Fields good... DJC style! It’s sublime! 

I don’t want to say anything about the last 3 songs because if you are listening to it on the back of this review the beginning of the next song will be pay off enough and I want you to have more, like I did listening to it with fresh ears and no prejudice! 

In short, this is the best album anyone I know has bought this year and will cement a love for modernism to a new generation that needs it’s very own  swan songs!

As for you, young man - you’re a gent, a talent, a romantic and a solid believer and that is why I love you Darron J Connett, there I said it! Thanks mate, you’ve made an old man remember why he’s proud to wear a parka and dance like a lunatic.

You will too, just go listen!

Believe, and Behave,







  DAVID WOODCOCK ‘The Adventures Of You And Me EP’ / ALBUM: Out Now


'The Adventures Of You And Me’ is taken from his debut album and is accompanied by three previously unreleased tracks: ‘Why Does My Heart Ache So Much’, ‘Any Fool Can Fall In Love’ and ‘I Forgot To Miss You’ which is an alternate take of the album track which features the whole band as opposed to the semi live recording of the album version.


"David Woodcock is a talent. Every observation is honed to perfection. Brilliant" ★★★★ RECORD COLLECTOR 

"Literate, melancholic and uplifting, [a] big-hearted gem of an album" ★★★★ The Sun


"Part Stiff Records, part Brit Pop. A reckless Stephen Duffy or an Essex Jarvis Cocker" Steve Lamacq, BBC 6Music 


Created by The Beat Collector