Listening Without Prejudice… ‘All That Malarkey’ - Darron J Connett


Next up a virtual run round the estate in the back of a purple Triumph Herald convertible tackling the mind of everyone’s favourite hard working singer/songwriter, charismatic frontman, (under)dog champion, celebrity-mod-associate and iconic clothes horse… Mr. Darron J Connett.


‘All That Malarkey’ is the latest instalment in a trilogy that also includes the excellent ‘Loyalty Lies’ and ‘Advantages of Living’. Both of which were as outstanding and huge as the titles imply so I was very much looking forward to spending some quality time in the world of DJC to see where he was taking me this time around. We reviewed the ‘Loyalty Lies’ album very favourably back at the time but for some reason (probably lockdown) we missed the opportunity with his second solo offering so let’s hope this makes up for it.

**Production and Musicality**:

He seems to get just the right amount out of the like minded groovers he gets on board with each album that almost makes it sound like no-one else could have made these records. Which of course they couldn’t but it is testament to the fact he knows what he wants it to sound like and he definitely knows what he doesn’t want it to sound like. Unconditionally.

This time around it’s Darron with the ultra talented Mani Perezzoli, and the sum of the parts contain ‘all that malarkey’ and really do seem to be exactly the right mix at the right times. Polished mostly, raw when necessary and an old school 10/10 for effort always.

**Lyrics and Themes**:

Obviously there is always going to be an underlying current of modernist culture within and around these songs but it isn’t prohibiting or forced, just how it is. Personally, I’m about all that anyway so love it and enjoy the authenticity. Love, loss, disappointment, clarity, energy, hope, cracking on and staying true to yourself are the order of the day - they are the weapons at his disposal and use them he does.

**Standout Moments**: 

Right from the off ‘L’Inizio’ the opening track was NOT what I was expecting at all. Haunting madness that had me hitting google for a definition. Mesmerising but far too short in my opinion, I thought we would be off into a synth pop soundscape worthy of Jean-Michell Jarre for a minute there.

The shortness was saved though as we are then straight into what I WAS expecting… ‘Leave Me Alone’ is classic DJC. Intelligent, sad, belligerent, hopeful, and much more. Great tune and even better lyrics - if there’s one thing Darron can do it’s write a belter. This put me in the best mood for the rest of the album which was as compelling and enjoyable as anything I’ve heard in a long time. 

One of the main things that stands out for me through all the songs Darron writes is that he obviously means it. All the best artists do that’s why they flourish and soar as he does throughout this album ‘Win or Lose’ he means it. 

More synths shroud ‘Come Tomorrow’ but enough guitar for me to enjoy them without needing to start thinking of 80’s comparisons. ‘End of the Day’ another future classic steeped in sincerity and realness to a banging tune. I have to remind myself from time to time that this is self funded hard work I’m listening to and not some established signing for one of the majors, there’s that much experience and multiple layers of authenticity literally everywhere. 

‘Arcadian’ will have you in tears if you’re not careful before the riff of ‘Candescent Smile’ slaps one on your face - a rare duet that really works. Having someone to bounce off seems to suit vocally and of course the orchestration and middle 8 are full on power pop at its best so this was always gonna be a contender and ultimately became my favourite on the album.

That said, having to choose one from this lot was difficult. ‘Mr Davis’ is a spectacular Kinks like city boy song akin to something from their vast repertoire but VERY much a DJC composition - a thoughtful nod of the head rather than straight Weller-like theft for the record, an appreciation rather than plagiarism. (Don’t tell Paul I said that).

‘Into the Void’ carries on the uplifting vibes and is another one that could well have been my favourite choice. Great song.

‘Average is the New Great’ had me again wondering where we were going for a second cos the opening musically seemed almost clipped to my ears but then we settled into a solid rock and roll banger that sits alongside the previous tunes brilliantly. Certainly not ‘dull’ as the lyrics confirm.

Then we come to the end far too soon, so you know it’s been a good album and it can go on from the beginning again anyway. 

‘You Know Your Problem’ is a melody rich 2 fingers up to the nay sayers and a glorious way to sign out. Almost like it’s been saved on purpose. Of course it has, no room for fillers when you got tunes like this.

Be sure to stick around for the secret reprise too, it’s worth the wait.

**Weaknesses (if any)**:

Not a weakness in any way but something to note if you don’t already know Darron with or without the J in his many decade spanning musical guises. His voice is most definitely his own. 

If you own anything by Ronan Keating this ain’t for you and you’ve arrived at the wrong website anyway. DJC vocally puts me in mind of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Billy Bragg, Dylan, Morrissey and such like. In as much as, I know people who love them and people who hate them equally based entirely on the tone of their voices. Harsh but that’s taste for ya and sorry for being so crass. Luckily for DJC I’m a lover not a hater but as a warning to newbies - he has a unique sound that is very hard to compare to other vocalists so don’t try to put him in a box and you’ll be good to go.

**Overall Impression**:

I started this journey by revisiting the earlier works in order to see how the sounds and lyrics had progressed - very glad I did cos it really is quite a long road Darron has travelled so far and it’s full of ups and downs that would have scared off a lesser man. Keep them coming fella, you’ve got something special that deserves and needs to be shared mate.

Peace ‘n’ Tonic!


Alrighty, let me get into my groove! If you're looking for the freshest and funkiest sounds around, then you've come to the right place! The world of funk and soul has been buzzing with activity lately, with some seriously exciting releases hitting the airwaves.

"It Rains Love" by Lee Fields & The Expressions. This album is a soulful journey through the ups and downs of love, with Lee Fields' smooth yet powerful vocals leading the way. 

Another must-listen is "Free Yourself Up" by Lake Street Dive. This album is a funk-filled explosion of catchy hooks and killer grooves that will have you dancing the night away. And let's not forget about "Ventura" by Anderson .Paak, which seamlessly blends funk, soul, and hip-hop into one irresistible package. So, get ready to put on your dancing shoes and let the funky beats take over!

Finally, we can't talk about funk and soul without mentioning "It Is What It Is" by Thundercat. This album is a funky, jazzy masterpiece, with groovy basslines, intricate arrangements and smooth vocals that will have you grooving along from start to finish. If you're looking for something that's both experimental and accessible, then Thundercat's latest release is the perfect choice.

So there you have it - three of the hottest funk and soul releases around. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just looking for something new to get your toes tapping, these albums are sure to deliver the goods.

Fellow funk fans!

Updates are coming soon… apologies for the lack of action! Normal pre pandemic service will resume soon. Thanks for your loyalty and patience!

20 Questions You Didn’t Know You Wanted to Ask… Jason Edge from The Electric Stars

How would you best describe what you do to the uninitiated?... Beautiful Music for Beautiful People. 

Where would you say you are with regard to your career right now?...Second Album Syndrome!

Which song (not neccesarilly yours) best sums you/ the band up and why?... Rock n Roll - The Velvet Underground. 

Who would you say has been your biggest inspiration (musically or otherwise)?... The Rolling Stones. They are the epitome of Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll which is exactly why I started a band when I was 16.

Is there anyone amongst your influences that you think would surprise people and why?... The Carpenters maybe! Derided by kids at the time because they were unbelievably uncool. But Fab songs and What a voice!!!

What are you most proud of?...Still being here, in a band, passionate about Music.

In the quest to get the music ‘out there’ have you ever done or agreed to anything you’ve later regretted?... Every day brother! I've lost count of the times I've bent over to get the Music out there. I believe in it 100%. This isn't some shite pub band!

What’s the most ridiculous request that’s been asked of you/ the band?...Do you play any Jam!

What do you think is the secret to a good working relationship amongst musicians?...Belief in what you are, what you do and where you are going.

If you could have played on one song (that you don’t), what would it be and why?...Bowie's wonderful 'Rock n Roll Suicide'

How do you make the balance between music and personal responsibilities?...Very difficult when you live in la la land ha ha!

In light of the internet and downloading do you feel that fans are missing out on the record buying discovery/experience?...YES. Just don't understand people who don't own the CD or Vinyl. It's the attitude of someone who doesn't Really LOVE music ya know. They are just going through the motions. 

Do you think that success is your motivation and do you have a preset gameplan for your music/ the band?...The motivation is to write great songs, play great gigs and release great music. 

DJ’s are now as famous as a lot of the bands they play, what are your views on this and do you think it’s deserved?...Is it fuck! They are just playing records. My gran could do that.

To date, what has been your most memorable gig (either as a performer or as a fan)?...The Electric Stars headlined the 100 Club the Summer before Lockdown and it was truly Cosmic. 

How do you overcome pre- gig nerves (if you get them)?...Don't really get nervous. I'm excited which might be nervous energy. But I love performing. Thats what I do. Gotta be thankful that I get to do what I dreamt of when I was in school, ignoring my teachers telling me to be a Fuckin Accountant!

When did you last write something?...Today.

Have you ever reached a point where you’ve thought about throwing the towel in and walking away (and if so, what persuaded you otherwise)?...Yes, but it lasts seconds. Then I realise that I'd be lost without Rock n Roll ha ha...

What are your views on electronics muscling in and replacing live instuments during recording?...Mmmm, tricky because Studios now are full of Technology. Its life man. But, songwriting for me will never change. As long as the soul, the spirit, the energy is still captured then I can work with it.

Lastly, thank you for your time. What made you agree to answer these questions?... You asked me and I guess I'm one of those people who just can't say no!

Hailing from Mars via Hannover, 4-piece indie-disco-pop band The Planetoids has been transmitting its sonic frequencies across the galaxy since 2014.

Astronomers throughout the universe agree: The Planetoids are already leading the intergalactic charts on Mars, Venus and Jupiter and are in the top 10 on every planet in our galaxy… except for one. The only planet that has not caught up with the trend yet is the 4th rock from the sun, known as earth.

The Planetoids were first spotted on this small blue-green planet in 2014. The foursome crash landed their spaceship in Hannover, Germany (don’t drink and fly), but have since been working on increasing their cosmic reach by making people dance all the way between the UK, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany of course, and beyond. The band has played more than 100 shows over the last three years, between intimate club gigs and huge open air festivals, proving that in a world of digital depression, there’s still a need for happy, groovy, organic and analog music.

Musically, the band offers a very high level of musicianship, and will take listeners on a journey somewhere between Phoenix, Tame Impala and Katy Perry with a beard, with inevitable excursions into the realms of funk, 80s synth pop and the glitter of a disco ball in deep space. To put things in a way that humans can understand, they describe their sound as Indie/Disco/Pop – but only because “lots of fun” apparently doesn’t qualify as a musical genre amongst humans. Whatever you want to call it, the result is a blast of energy that will make your hips shake and your heart skip a beat.

The Planetoids self-produced their debut record in 2017, and are currently working on a concept project consisting of four EPs, accompanied by a bunch of highly thought-out music videos. The fourth and last of these EPs, “Fuchsia”, will be deployed on humanity on March 5th, 2021, with the lead single “My Only Religion” making an early appearance on January 22nd.

One small step for The Planetoids, two steps to the right and two steps to the left and three to cha-cha-cha for humankind.

"Skorpion im Stiefel" is the long-awaited debut album by Hamburg Spinners, a contemporary soul, Hammond jazz, mod-jazz and R&B outfit based in Hamburg/Germany.
The Hamburg Spinners sound blends floating Hammond organ lines, kinetic, driving grooves, funky breaks and slicing, economic improvisation. The quartet features Carsten Meyer on Hammond B-3, Dennis Rux on guitar, David Nesselhauf on bass, and Lucas Kochbeck on drums.
"Skorpion im Stiefel" was cut live on a weekend in May 2020 in Hamburg's Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!-Studios with all band members playing together in the same room as a way of capturing their live sound on tape. The only overdubs were a few shouts and some ambient noise. With Meyer's soulful organ sound owing equally to Booker T. Jones, Ingfried Hoffmann as well as Georgie Fame, his gritty soulful sound is buoyed by Rux's warm and gripping guitar sound, Nesselhauf’s dynamic bass lines and Kochbeck's tight in-the-pocket drumming. Who needs winners when there’s Hamburg Spinners!?

This is a limited 7 inch Double A Side single vinyl release from highly acclaimed US funk bands BT ALC Big Band and Agent 3. 
"The Iguana" by BT ALC Big Band is a dazzling, hook laden funk meets souljazz instrumental with an all star list of guest players including Karl Denson (The Rolling Stones, Greyboy All Stars), Eric Krasno (Soulive), Alan Evans (Soulive). Full of soaring, catchy horns coupled with an infectious groove and top notch solos from Krasno& Denson.
"Secrets Below The Embassy" by Agent 3 is a massive groove driven hammond funk classic. The band comprises of some of the most sought after musicians in the USA funk and jamband scene. Its a first track from a forthcoming album when the identities of the band will be revealed. This funk single is released by Vintage League Music as a limited edition pressing of just 300 copies. It's a high quality pressing featuring a full colour sleeve.

Flevans is back and this time, he comes with a real three-track groover of an EP ready for your kitchen dancefloor. Disco, house, and electronica elements combine in a huge sound with a big lean towards 4/4 beats to accompany his usual taste for all things funky! Proper dancing fuel from start to finish.

Pitch-shifted vocal samples, soulful keys and big basslines are order of the day in the title track, ‘I’m Over Here’. Number two comes in the shape of ‘Uptight’ - a funk instrumental dub featuring a clutch of 80’s sounding synths with a class rubbery bassline. Finally, ‘Fade’ walks the line between mellow moments of reflective rhodes chords to all-out disco house beats. 'I'm Over Here' is available to stream or download from your favourite platform HERE.

Essex-based DJ, producer and musician Danced Til Midnight changes pace slightly with mellow new single, "People Get Up". The release features the vocals of Carmelle Cox, who previously voiced Danced Til Midnight's More Of Love EP.
The lead track is the laid back soul-funk of "People Get Up". Lyrically the song takes up the challenge of funk rhetoric and flips it into a message of everyday self empowerment. Once again, Stingray Davies of Speedometer graces this release with additional Hammond organ. The second track, "Soon Enough", is a brooding and sprawling acoustic number - exploring a psychedlic landscape of romantic uncertainty and longing. Both tracks feature the double bass of contrabass stalwart Danny Thompson. Thompson has lent his signature bass sound to a vast array of artists and styles too numerous to list; from jazz to folk to pop on many iconic recordings.

Now firmly based in Northern Ireland, Hammond Organ Trio, The Organauts, weredrawn together in 2015 by a bond that stretched from Belfast to Belgium. MusiciansJeroen, Eleanor and Chipper let the sixties jazz milieu and legendary artists, Booker T. &the M.G.’s, Brian Auger and The Sonics influence their unique blend of funk and soul. TheOrganauts have performed their intoxicating mix of instrumental soul, garage and rockn’ roll to audiences spanning Ireland, UK and Europe, opening for legendary acts such asSmoove & Turrell and The Link Quartet.
Having mesmerised audiences with their infectious energy on stage, The Organauts aimto capture this on record with the release of their debut single 'I Feel Love', a cover ofthe 1977 hit by the 'Queen of Disco', Donna Summer. With bombastic power chords andinvigorating electric guitar riffs, The Organauts have stamped their signature style on thiswell known classic.
"Donna Summer’s vocal is pure soul. The challenge was to capture that soul in aninstrumental version. It’s a stripped-down version of a synth classic – with an edge, apure Organauts take on a timeless floor-filler"
The Organauts

Following up on their "Live at Groove City" 45 from May, German funk stalwarts The Mighty Mocambos are back with another sample of their explosive live energy, with a 7" of two brand new tunes recorded straight to 8-track tape during JAM PDM! Breakdance Battle at Fabrik Potsdam last February.
"Arabesque Breakin' Suite" on side A is an original instrumental medley written for the occasion and delivers the raw, heavyweight sound that has made The Mighty Mocambos a staple of b-boy battles the world over. Side B is a cover of the Axel F Theme from Beverly Hills Cop, taking the tune from 80s synth-heavy electro-pop to soulful, tropical-flavored b-boy funk. 
In these peculiar times without concerts, these live recordings are a real labor of love that capture the special vibes of a Mighty Mocambos performance while remaining suitable for DJ-use and enjoyable to the dedicated listener.

Since Marta Ren went solo from her band The Groovelvets, her groove has been not up for negotiation; whoever she meets in the studio or on stage, whether it be with a band, a producer or even an orchestra (or two), asserting her own destiny as a leader of her signature “Funk & Roll” sound.

With her latest single “22:22”, coming out October 23rd on all digital platforms via the Milanese label Record Kicks, she references her continuous need to be honest with herself, struggling internally for the need to listen to herself whilst dealing with the challenges of pleasing other people. 

At a time when the word “activism” is used as a communication accessory, here the artist assumes something essential to change the paradigm: to listen and make our voices heard, as much as we reach out as a human gesture kindness.

Marta Ren exploded onto the international soul scene with her debut album "Stop Look Listen" in 2016 but she has been around in the Portuguese scene since the mid 90s with local band The Bombazines. After the release of her acclaimed debut album "Stop Look Listen" Marta has played extensively across Europe, playing numerous festivals such as Trans Musicales in France and Eurosonic in the Netherlands, the UK’s well established Mostly Jazz Funk &Soul Festival as well as the highly regarded Sziget Festival in Hungary.

Towards the end of 2019, Marta invited the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra to interpret her repertoire, which included songs from her album “Stop Look Listen”, her most recent single “Worth It”, as well as classic themes from the American Songbook.

In the midst of a global pandemic, she performed with the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra as part of one Portugal’s most cherished festivals the Avante Festival in Amora, which was aired by Antena3 / RTP TV station in her home country, Portugal, where she is a household name; it also gave her fans the opportunity to hear a taste of latest single “22:22”, released October 23rdvia Records Kicks.

“The Only Way Out Is Through” is the fourth single by Hannah Williams &The Affirmations taken from their acclaimed 2019 album "50 Foot Woman"and it's officially out now on all digital platforms. Watch the video up here. Victoria Klewin, who wrote the lyrics of the song, explains: “I was going through a really tough break up and struggling with the idea of being alone when Hannah said to me: ‘All you need now is you’. That stuck in my head and the rest of the lyrics followed. The pain of that situation was hugely transformative for me so I wanted to write a song about actively embracing emotional suffering in order to grow and also finding strength in your own autonomy”.

Hannah Williams turned heads worldwide when the hip-hop superstar Jay-Zsampled her heart-stopping vocals on “Late Nights & Heartbreak” for “4:44”, the title track on his 2017 album. Now Hannah and her exemplary, Bristol-based band the Affirmations have delivered a definitive career statement with the drop-dead soulful new album “50 Foot Woman”, released last October on Record Kicks.

The album, produced by Shawn Lee, a respected presence on the funk/soul scene whose credits include Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey and Alicia Keys, captures all of the visceral power of the band's increasingly legendary live performances. Shades of classic Soul and Psychedelic Funk blend uniquely with modern-day flavours on a record destined to set the soul agenda for many years. "I've never been as proud of anything in my entire career" says Hannah.

Born in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, Williams' father was a musically gifted minister, and her mother let her join the church choir at the age of six. Hannah could read music before she could properly read words, and when she discovered soul by listening with her mum to Motown and Bill Withers, there was no turning back. Now the world will hear what the cognoscenti have known for a while: that Hannah Williams is the real deal, and sings from her very soul. "I feel like my performance comes from my solar plexus", she says. "The emotional side of it is so intrinsic; I can't take it away from what I do".

20 Questions You Didn’t Know You Wanted To Ask Neil Sheasby from Stone Foundation

1 How would you best describe what you do to the uninitiated?

Soulful, honest creativity that arrives from good intentions 

2 Where would you say you are with regard to your career right now?

I don’t think of it in a careerist manner. Where we are? On a new album campaign and thinking about assembling the next one. Always moving forwards 

3 Which song (not neccesarilly yours) best sums you/the band up and why?

The long and winding road....

4 Who would you say has been your biggest inspiration (musically or otherwise)

My parents, my late, great friend Hammy and Paul Weller for igniting the flame around 1979 then becoming a friend a few years ago, he’s a constant source of support and encouragement 

5 Is there anyone amongst your influences that you think would surprise people and why?

Yes lots I think, my musical pallet is very broad. Lots of early 80’s pop is a big influence which is more down to a time frame of 80 to 83’ rather than any particular artist or band 

6 What are you most proud of?

Still being in the game, still relevant and interesting to people after all these years, it’s been an incredible journey of which I’m proud of 

7 In the quest to get the music ‘out there’ have you ever done or agreed to anything you’ve later regretted?

Not really, I’m not a yes man or eager to crowd please so I think one of our strengths is what we say no to 

8 What’s the most ridiculous request that’s been asked of you/the band?

Getting asked to play in someone’s living room and in a shoe shop but we actually did both!

9 What do you think is the secret to a good working relationship amongst musicians?

Listening to each other and respecting ideas, try anything before dismissing it 

10 If you could have played on one song (that you don’t), what would it be and why?

Probably Slade’s Christmas hit and I’d have a huge cheque every year 

11 How do you make the balance between music and personal responsibilities?

A delicate balance but first and foremost I’m a father and a husband. Financially it can certainly be tough but we somehow find a way through. My family have been wonderfully supportive of my musical escapades. 

12 In light of the internet and downloading do you feel that fans are missing out on the record buying discovery/experience?

I think the physical format is on the rise once again, our new album “Is Love Enough” sold overwhelmingly better on vinyl 

It was heartening to see the figures 

13 Do you think that success is your motivation and do you have a preset gameplan for your music/the band?

No plan/no compass and whose yardstick is success measured on? I’m a bloke from Atherstone who started a band at school with my mates and that adventure took me on a journey that ended up playing at the royal Albert Hall and making records with Paul Weller. 

That’ll do for me 

14 DJ’s are now as famous as a lot of the bands they play, what are your views on this and do you think it’s deserved?

I like DJ culture. It’s an important part of music both creatively and for championing new music, it goes hand in hand, I don’t view it as a threat to bands or artists 

15 To date, what has been your most memorable gig (either as a performer or as a fan)?

Fuji Rock festival in Japan and the aforementioned Royal Albert Hall gig for teenage cancer trust 

16 How do you overcome pre-gig nerves (if you get them)?

I don’t really get them it’s more a pent up anticipation and they always pass once I walk out on stage and hit that first note 

17 When did you last write something?

I write something almost every day 

18 Have you ever reached a point where you’ve thought about throwing the towel in and walking away (and if so, what persuaded you otherwise)?

I wasn’t sure after the demise of my last band (in 1997) that I’d continue or indeed wanted to but my wife Claire and my friend Al Calnan convinced me it was part of who I was. I met Neil (Jones) & formed Stone Foundation and never really looked back since 

19 What are your views on electronics muscling in and replacing live instuments during recording?

I’m not sure they are? But again that’s fine by me if artists want to embrace those methods. I think there’s some incredible new music being made

20 Lastly, thank you for your time. What made you agree to answer these questions?

The rope that ties my arms to this chair.......

Lexsoul Dancemachine, the Estonian groove monster that never ceases to amaze, has teamed up with Wakaliwood director Nabwana I.G.G to bring you the official music video for track "Carambola Jelly" from the band's new album "Lexplosion II".
It all started when Lexsoul discovered the Ugandan director at local film festival HÕFF. Nabwana has garnered a cult following for his low budget action movies set in the slums of Kampala. In 15 years of activity he has created more than 50 action packed films, earning him the title of 'Uganda's Tarantino'. Fortunately for the band, the busy film creator agreed to get behnd the camera at his Ramon Productionsstudio to accompany LSDM’s music with a visual story. What follows is a rescue mission like no other. The track itself is a dancefloor certified banger supported by DJs and radio alike, BBC among others. Taken from the 6-piece’s new album "Lexplosion II" that was releaed in July 2020 via Funk Embassy Records, the song about the starfruit jam has been one of the best received from Lexsoul Dancemachine’s 3rd studio album.

Blow Up Records is pleased to announce The Bongolian brand new album‘Harlem Hipshake’ will be released 13/11/2020. It will be the sixth album under The Bongolian moniker, AKA multi-instrumentalist and Big Boss Man front man Nasser Bouzida. It is the much anticipated follow up to the highly acclaimed Moog Maximus and is available to pre-order now in the following formats: Clear 180g vinyl (limited 500 ), black 180g vinyl, CD and digital from the Blow Up (greedbag) shop:

Harlem Hipshake finds The Bongolian deeply immersed in his lifelong love for the music of the sixties New York’s Latin Soul scene, particularly the music of Ray Barretto, Mongo Santamaria and Joe Bataan. Principally a drummer, percussionist by trade, Nasser has once again delivered another set of heavy breaks and percussive grooves underpinning this brand-new collection of songs which he has written and produced. Whilst Nasser performs many of the instruments (as is usual with Bongolian albums) on the album, it also features a prominent use of additional UK musicians on brass duties. These include Terry Edwards (Trumpet, Trombone, Sax, Flute), Gareth James Bailey (Trombone) and Craig Crofton (Alto Sax), James Morton (Alto Sax), Andrew Ross (Tenor and Baritone sax) and Ralph Lamb (Trumpet).