Hope you are all well and looking out for each other in these freaky times! This was the last chance saloon for the podcast! Bit weird so kinda fits the moment if you ask me! #enjoy

Check out the full track listing and stream here on Spotify!

Guesting for my good friends over @ Parkdale Funk. This one again is from way back when all this was fields! Have a great weekend #enjoy

Check Out the tracklist and stream here on Spotify!

This one will be 12 in a couple of months time when I had finally met ‘the one’! I think you can tell I was feeling a bit soppy and it’s for her more than you guys if I’m honest! #enjoy

Check out the tracklist and stream here on Spotify!

‘Lock Down’ from 13 years ago for you this week. Have a double funky weekend groovers! #enjoy

 Available to hear on Spotify right here!

Another guest mix, this time for The Hook & Sling! Plenty of new music has also been added here on the site. Have a great weekend and enjoy! 

Guesting on DJ Blueprint’s thang This Is Tomorrow out of Luxembourg many moons ago! A real honour! #enjoy

Available here on Spotify!

Last of the podcast attempts - we’d given up as we knew the price tag was so gloriously unjust we played songs we liked at the time drunk and defiantly! Gets you nowhere but it was fun! Up yours n all that! #goodtimes #funknsoulforever

Listen to ‘Funks Gonna Get Ya’!

Hiatus over, this ones about 12 years back, greatly reduced as not all songs were on Spottydog, it’s my attempt at a full set without any singers to see if the crowd noticed!

Check out ‘Sound without Speakers’!

Some great new releases in TheSpotlight this week and we’ve uploaded ‘Back To The Grooves’ - have a good one peeps! #happyfriday

Play it here on Spotify! 

Cool as ice this one chaps! I think it was live exactly 12 years ago this month! #enjoy

And as an extra treat this week there’s a Q&A with the fabulous Rita Ray over in The Spotlight!

This weeks offering is another one culled from the ill fated podcast and it’s ‘Funky, Just Like You Want It!’. 

Missed a couple of weeks but getting back on track with ‘He Got Soul’ from waaaaaaaay back when! Have a listen right here! #enjoy 

Our first podcast ahead of the curve 12 years ago (obvs without the banter) - then we saw the fees so fucked it off! Good times!

Check it out on Spotify groovers! 

One omission and one song change - same artist though! Baaaam!  

Now available @ the Spotify stream page thang for your listening pleasure! #enjoy

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