She’s Got Soul! - cued up just for you! (Bet you thought I’d forget - always be prepared)! Enjoy! 

Stream it here

Here you go peepio’s! From the vault this week in 2007 -TheBeatCollector presents ‘Hold On’ #enjoy

Available to stream right here you gloriously funky people!

Friday is upon us again... People Get Ready!

Hear the playlist over @ Spotify!

Also the debut single from New Street Adventure’s Nick Corbin is ready to drop ahead of the album early next year so visit The Spotlight for more information, we’ve heard it here at HQ and it’s fantastic! 

Couple of changes due to accessibility - nothing too dramatic - happy Friday, here’s ‘Soul & Fire’!

Check TheBeatCollector on Spotify

Bank holiday funk fest you say? Kick off with this peeps! Have a good one and be safe! 

’Something Inside’ by TheBeatCollector

It’s that time again! This one is from way back when we hit out first 20,000 hits! Back in those days we cared about stats and shit! Very pleased to say only 2 substitutes and at least they’re the same artist! Still love you all for your support! First aired in 2007 I think? 

Check it, before you wreck it!

Another week of high hopes dashed? Here’s ‘Mods In Flares - Vol 2’! I thought it was a bit obvious but what do I know! Turned out it was the biggest hitter, I was a bit trollied is all I can offer in explanation - it was a good night on the decks! Happy Friday ya beautiful people! Here’s the full unadulterated playlist!

Going early this week dudes, this one’s a belter - Vol.5 is now available for your listening pleasure over @ Spotify. There’s a few cracking new releases in TheSpotlight too, including a reworking of some of The Bamboos amazing back catalogue that is out today and really worthy of some  attention from your ears people!

Due to it being a rare vinyl affair a greatly reduced version of ‘Funky Bread & Jam’ (no idea) is now available for your ear pods on that there Spotify! To make up for it we’ve thrown a massive amount of Bootsy at ya, we’re thoughtful like that!  Have a good week funky people and stay cool! 

The unbelievable awesome talent that is Sulene Fleming joins us in The Spotlight, some new gigs announced and Volume 4 is up. This one comes from a big break up some years ago - the best thing for both of us as we’d both agree. Still made for a great mix back in the day! Thankfully the real Mrs G came along and saved this from the skip for ya! A few not available so replaced by the same bands at least!

Check It Out!

A few new releases in the Spotlight accompany another weeks funky fillers on Spotify which come from a 2006 acid jazz fuelled mind. 'Mods In Flares' was a big hitter for The Right Side Of Funky that was... five tunes are unavailable though unless I still had them on vinyl so I have replaced them with New Street Adventure tunes, cos I can! Can ya deal with it! 

Been a tough week but hey this selection is dedicated to my oldest mate Andy! Just happens to be my favourite of the lot too! Rest in Peace buddy!

Few new releases in The Spotlight and we’ve shared Mother Earth’s latest video with you! Mick does his old TSC keyboard clean at the end which is a nice touch!  Have a good weekend everyone and look after each other!

 There are no breaks on this train so we’re cracking on!

Q&A from legendary music man Keb Darge, a new feature video from Flevans on the home page and the next instalment of tunes from TheBeatCollector. I think ‘Funky B&B’ was first spun between homes in 2005 (?) but the old grey matter isn’t what it used to be... #enjoy


As promised Vol. 2 - actually a bit surprised myself that I remembered but there was such a good feedback to last week I realise there’s an audience for my old nonsense! Hope you dig this one too and keep your eye out for a few treats this week starting tomorrow (#tease) - check The Spotlight & The Action! It’s very nearly  Mother Earth time! 

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